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Social Security Law

Social Security Law: Guarantee of Individuals' Rights and Social Welfare

Social security law is a branch of law that aims to protect individuals against risks such as old age, illness, unemployment, accident and birth and to increase social welfare. Regulations in this field include issues such as state social aid, insurance systems and retirement rights. Social security law is designed to protect individuals' social rights, reduce income inequalities and strengthen social solidarity.

Basic Principles of Social Security Law
Principle of Universality

One of the basic principles of social security law is the principle of universality. According to this principle, everyone should benefit from social security rights equally. Every individual, regardless of gender, age, race or economic status, should equally benefit from the advantages of the social security system.

Participation Policy

Social security law encourages individuals' participation in the social security system. According to this principle, stakeholders such as employees, employers and the state should contribute to the system. These contributions finance social assistance and support the sustainability of the system.

Main Topics of Social Security Law
Health insurance

Health insurance is a social security area developed to ensure individuals' access to health services. In this context, issues such as treatment of diseases, drug supply and preventive health services are regulated. Health insurance aims to protect individuals financially against unexpected health problems.

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance is designed to compensate individuals who have suffered job loss for temporary loss of income. In case of unemployment, financial support is provided to individuals for a certain period of time through insurance premiums. This aims to protect the economic security of individuals who become unemployed.

Pension and Old Age Insurance

Pension and old-age insurance aims to provide financial security for individuals during their retirement periods. This system offers individuals a pension or accumulated capital based on the premiums they have paid throughout their working lives. This increases social welfare by providing income security in old age.

Developing Areas of Social Security Law
Rights of Disabled People

Today, social security law stands out as a developing field aimed at strengthening the rights of disabled individuals. Special social assistance for disabled people, regulations that encourage their participation in the workforce, and reforms to ensure the social integration of disabled people contribute to the evolution of the social security system.

Digitalization and Data Security

Social security law is also undergoing a significant evolution in terms of digitalization and data security. Protection of individuals' personal data, security of digital social security platforms and access to online services are one of the focal points of modern social security law.

Social security law is a branch of law designed to protect the social rights of individuals and increase social welfare. Its basic principles aim to fight against economic and social inequalities by contributing to the establishment of a fair social security system. Social security not only improves the quality of life of individuals, but also strengthens the general welfare of society and ensures social justice.

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